My Crazy Wacko Human Experiment Revealed....

Language Of Persuasion

Find out what words, phrases and expressions you should be using to trigger the right “buying” emotions in your buyers.

How would your business change if you could get inside people's heads?

2 months ago I conducted a crazy wacko human experiment…I collected 100+ words & phrases from some of the top websites and put them to a test. I had people look at these phrases and asked them what emotion each of these phrases evokes for them…The results were mind-boggling……in the best possible way!

Now I am sharing these results with you in a live seminar on October 27, 2015 at 1 PM EST

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Here's What You'll Discover During This Seminar:

  • Full details and eye-opening results of my Language of Persuasion Experiment that ran for 2 months and covered 2,200 people from 18 countries
  • 10 winning phrases that will reel in your readers and get them in the most conducive state of mind to buy you, your ideas or your products.
  • 11 hypnotic opening statements that literally take command of people’s minds, put them under your spell -- and keep them tantalized till the very end (think OITNB)
  • 30 Sec. Persuasion Fix: The 5 REPELLANT words that are used extensively on the internet (even by BIG guns) and that repulse people and turn them away FAST!
  • How to bypass the 10,000 hour rule and spin out high-powered, high ROI copy in less than an hour

You are inches away from mastering the language of persuasion and getting people in the right mindset to buy.

Are you brave enough to step forth?

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EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Give me your best email to book a spot...

IT'S FREE:  JOIN ME OCTOBER 27th @ 1pm (EST) + 24 Hour Replay

Your hopes, dreams and emails are safe with me

About Me - Bushra Azhar

I am the founder of The Persuasion Revolution and I study the science of persuasion like a mad scientist. I started my business in June-July 2014 and in only 15 months have managed to achieve results like these:

  1. Worked with 1,500+ people, sold 2,000+ courses and built an email list of 10,000+
  2. Have an email open rate that goes as high as 87%
  3. Launched my first course and sold 320 packages in 2 weeks
  4. Launched my membership site and sold 400 memberships in 28 days
  5. Earn about $25K/month (about half of which is more or less passive)
  6. Have the distinct pleasure of selling out my courses in less than a week after launch…I don’t even know why I set a cart-close day…it’s defunct!

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